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Ewimar Knowledge Base, contains information about products, methods and effects related to the functioning of surge protection systems. Information related to the practice and experience of employees, which Ewimar would like to share with you, has been provided here.


Różnice pomiędzy ochronnikami firmy Ewimar


Differences between the effectiveness of surge arresters

It describes the differences between the ECONOMICAL, PROFESSIONAL and EXTREME series and their recommended use.

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Zagrożenia atmosferyczne dla elektroniki

Why surge protection devices should be used?

The article argues the necessity to use protectors and what social and legal consequences may be caused by the lack of a surge protective device or its incorrect installation.

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Elektronika uszkodzona przez wyładowanie

How electronic is damaged?

The article draws attention to the types of threats to electronic devices caused by overvoltages, lightning strikes, acts of sabotage and other random factors.

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Jak chronić elektronikę przed wyładowaniem

How to properly protect electronics?

The article describes which systems help to protect electronic devices and how they work.

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Wybór ograniczników przepięć

How to choose the surge arresters correctly?

Description of the basic parameters that determine the suitability of individual models of surge arresters for the designed installation.

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Co jest wazne podczas instalacji

What is important during installation?

A list of recommendations and comments that are important for the installed protective system to be effective and not to be damaged during the discharge.

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