Surge protectors for HD-CCTV

HD-CCTV surge protection in accordance with AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI, designed to protect the elements of the CCTV system against atmospheric discharges. They are solutions dedicated to high definition video surveillance, but are also compatible with the PAL and NTSC standards. The products are available in single-channel and multi-channel versions for coaxial cable and UTP cable (twisted pair), therefore they are widely used in both simple and very large CCTV installations.
Devices included in this category are designed do protect CCTV cameras, DVR recorders, power lines and other CCTV elements against the effects of surge currents from atmospheric discharges.
The new series of surge protection has been equipped with the latest technological solutions dedicated to surge protection. Some products contain MOSFET technology, which 3 times increases the effectiveness of surge protection and additionally protects CCTV devices against pulse currents of the ground loops. This solution is dedicated for the installations where CCTV cameras are mounted on metal poles or on metal constructions.