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Security for alarm systems

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the overvoltage protection devices of Burglary and Assault Signaling Systems. Taking into account the specificity of the operation of alarm control panels, taking into account the variety of their design and signal configuration, we have created universal and effective solutions to protect against the effects of lightning. They provide protection for alarm line circuits, power supply, communication buses and siren circuits. The use of MOSFET technology, known from LAN surge arresters, has resulted in the creation of products with high efficiency and compatibility with almost all control panels available on the market.





Gigabit Ethernet / LAN / IP-CCTV security

High-class surge protection, dedicated to gigabit LAN networks, based on category 5, 5e and 6 cables. The devices have been designed using the latest technologies of circuit design and simulation and modern high-quality components. A multilayer PCB, optimal track parameters with perfect guidance of individual pairs and impedance tuning during production, allowed to eliminate many factors affecting the deterioration of the signal transmission quality. The devices have excellent impact parameters, minimal crosstalk between the pairs and low attenuation, which allowed them to be fully qualified as category 6 (4x 250MHz). Although popular Gigabit Ethernet networks operate at 4 x 125 MHz, the quality reserve is important to maintain the reliability of operation of large installations. The offer includes devices in single and multi-channel versions, thanks to which they can be used in both simple and extensive LAN and IP-CCTV installations, protecting cameras, switches and recorders against damage.





Wireless video transmission AHD, CVI, TVI

AV-Link are devices for wireless transmission of AHD, CVI, TVI video signal. They operates with one of eight radio channels based on 5.8 GHz frequency generated by PLL. Use of wireless video transmission reduces the costs associated with the construction of the required cable infrastructure, in some cases it is even necessary. High quality, and tight housing allows the use in the most demanding installations, including in elevators. AV-Link series has built-in surge protection, and some modelas also UTP video baluns and test connectors, making installation and configuration of the device is easier for the installer. AV-Link is a competitive product with rich furnishings, present in versions operating at maximum distances of 300 and 500 meters