Surge Protection for 100V Speaker Lines in DSO and SUG-DSO Systems

SUG-DSO, overvoltage protection, dedicated to 100V speaker lines in DSO systems.

SUG-DSO is a surge protection device that protects amplifiers and speakers in voice warning systems (DSO) and other radio node systems, where the standard signal is 100V line.

Low internal resistance allows for a current transmission of up to 3A, with minimal impact on the transmitted signals.

High-quality window clamps with a high current load limit the risk of damage during large surge impacts and momentary current overloads.

This product is recommended for installation at the boundary between LPZ0 and LPZ1 zones or higher.


100V speaker line surge protection

Simplified diagram of speaker line protection.


To ensure proper surge protection, it is recommended to use protection devices at both ends of the cable and to properly ground them.


Amplifier and Speakers 100V Protection

Example of 100V amplifier and speakers protection.



Short technical specification

Number of protected channels
Input / output connector
Nominal voltage Vpp (Un)
Maximum DC voltage (Uc)
Nominal current (In)
C1: Discharge current line-line 8/20µs (In)
C2: Discharge current line-ground 8/20µs (In) 10kA
C2: Maximum discharge current line-ground 8/20µs (Imax) 20kA
D1: Maximum lightning current 10/350µs (Iimp)
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) Up 350V DC
Series resistance
~70mΩ / line
Maximum power of connected speakers
200W (RMS)
Dimensions 57 x 32 x 28 (mm)
Mounting method Freestanding housing
Grounding method
Housing tightness IP20
Operating temperature -40ºC~80ºC