Miniature Power Surge Protector 12V DC

SUG-12VDC, Overvoltage limiter for 12V DC power line in a miniature housing, surge protection for power supplies and industrial automation devices powered by 12V DC

SUG-12VDC is a miniature surge protector used to protect electronic devices powered by 12V DC from atmospheric discharges, voltage spikes, and sudden increases in voltage that may occur due to damage to the power supply.

The ability to transmit up to 3A of current allows for use in most industrial automation installations, building automation, and property protection systems.

High-quality window clamps with high current load limit the risk of damage during large shock impulses and momentary current overloads. Thanks to its small size, it does not take up much space and can be hidden in small enclosures or electrical boxes.

The device has 2 protected power supply tracks and a protected screen circuit. This solution can be used in installations where it is necessary to shield the power supply from electromagnetic interference.

The product is designed for installation on the boundary between LPZ0 and LPZ1 zones or higher. It can only be used for transmitting 12V DC voltage, without any AC component - for example, for fast data transmission. It is connected between the power source (power supply, battery) and the receiving device.

12V Power Supply Protection

Simplified internal diagram.


To ensure proper surge protection, it is recommended to use limiters at both ends of the power line and properly ground them.


12VDC Power Line Protection Method

Proper use of the product for protecting 12V DC power lines.


Technical specifications

Number of protected channels 3
Input / output connector
DC Rated Voltage (Un)
Maximum DC Voltage (Uc)
Maximum AC Voltage (Uc) 11V
Rated Current (In)
C1: Line-Line Discharge Current 8/20µs (In)
C2: Line-Ground Discharge Current 8/20µs (In) 10kA
C2: Maximum Line-Ground Discharge Current 8/20µs (Imax) 20kA
D1: Maximum Lightning Current 10/350µs (Iimp)
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-line) Up 20V DC
Series Resistance
~70mΩ / line
Dimensions 57 x 32 x 28 (mm)
Installation method Freestanding enclosure
Grounding method
Enclosure rating IP20
Operating temperature -40ºC~80ºC