RS-485 and 12V DC Bus Surge Protector Mounted on DIN Rail

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  • Code: SUG-RS485-12VDC/DIN
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SUG-RS485-12VDC/DIN, dual surge protector for RS-485 communication bus and 12V DC power supply, designed for industrial automation systems

SUG-RS485-12VDC/DIN is a dual device designed to protect the RS-485 bus and 12V DC power supply from surges caused by lightning strikes and potential differences. The internal connections eliminate surge voltages between any wires - including between RS-485 and power supply, thereby increasing the effectiveness of protection. This solution is dedicated to installations where the power supply and RS-485 are supplied to the same points.

The power circuit uses a 2-stage surge limiting action, while the RS-485 circuit uses additional solutions in the form of MOSFET fuses, which limit the flow of large surge currents. This results in increased durability and significant reduction of surge voltage reaching the protected device. An additional advantage of this solution is the limitation of equalizing currents, which can protect RS-485 interfaces from potential jumps that lead to overcurrent.

The structure consists of voltage clipping and limiting stages, as well as a current limiter above 300mA. The product has very low attenuation, making it possible to transmit data at very high speeds. The product also has a protected wire screen path.

The surge protector is designed to be mounted on a DIN 35mm rail. High-quality window clamps with high current load reduce the risk of damage during large shock impulses and temporary current overloads. The device occupies the width of one DIN standard module.

The product is recommended for installation at the boundary of LPZ0 and LPZ1 zones or higher.


RS-485 and 12VDC power supply protection

Simplified internal diagram.


To ensure proper surge protection, it is recommended to use protectors at both ends of the transmission line and properly ground them.


RS-485 and 12VDC power supply protection

Proper use of the product for protecting the RS-485 bus.


Short technical specification

RS-485 Protection
Number of protected channels 2 (2 x signal + shield)
Input / output connector
Rated DC voltage (Un) 10V
Maximum DC voltage (Uc) 12V
Maximum AC voltage (Uc) 8V
Rated current (In) 300mA
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) 15V DC
Series resistance 7Ω / line
Power supply protection
Number of protected channels 2
Input / output connector
Rated DC voltage (Un) 12V
Maximum DC voltage (Uc) 15V
Maximum AC voltage (Uc) 10V
Nominal current (In) 1A
1kV/μs protection level (line-line) Up 20V DC
Series resistance ~350mΩ / line
Common features
C1: Discharge current line-line 8/20µs (In) 0.25kA
C2: Discharge current line-ground 8/20µs (In) 10kA
C2: Maximum discharge current line-ground 8/20µs (Imax) 20kA
D1: Maximum lightning current 10/350µs (Iimp) 3.5kA
Dimensions 17.5 x 90 x 57 (mm)
Mounting method TH rail (DIN) 35mm
Grounding method
Rail occupancy 1 module
Enclosure protection IP20
Operating temperature -40ºC~80ºC