Surge arrester for M-BUS, SUG-7 / M-BUS

SUG-7 / M-BUS, surge protector for RS-485 bus, dedicated to industrial automation and CCTV.

SUG-7 / M-BUS is a high-quality protection system that safeguards the communication bus from damage caused by atmospheric discharges and various types of surges. It eliminates and grounds large electric charges (up to 10kA) while also neutralizing potentials between individual transmission line wires (inside the conductors).

It employs an innovative solution in the form of a super-fast MOSFET fuse, which additionally protects drivers from current impulses and potential differences between various devices, as well as from overload resulting from short circuits or overloads.

In the event of a current surge exceeding 300mA, the circuit between the input and output of SUG-7 is disconnected within 1μs. After the threat subsides, the connection is restored within another 1μs.

Due to the possibility of surges occurring from any side, it is recommended to connect the protection at both ends of the bus, enhancing response speed and protection level. SUG-7 should be grounded using either an individually made grounding point or the PE line - it is essential, however, to ensure the shortest possible path for discharging the charge to the ground.

Technical specification:
Degree of protection 3 (GDT, MOSFET, TVS)
Rated voltage (line-line)
Maximum voltage (line-line)
Rated voltage (line-ground)
Maximum voltage (shield-ground) 350VDC
Protection level (line-line, 8/20μs) 250A
Protection level (line-ground, 8/20μs) 2x10kA
Rated series current 300mA
Maximum series current (impulse) 300,05mA
Reaction of MOSFET fuse 1μs
Housing tightness IP20
Dimensions 74 x 32 x 25 (mm)
Operating temperature -30°C~60°C