16-channel Gigabit Ethernet LAN surge protector, PTU-616R-PRO/PoE

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  • Code: PTU-616R-PRO/PoE
  • Manufacturer's code: 5904041752223
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Surge protection system for gigabit network, 16-channel with RJ-45 sockets, protection for 1GB Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, patch panel for installation of LAN 6 category, 1000Base-T and 1000Base-TX, PTU-616R-PRO/PoE

16-channel surge protector and patch panel for Gigabit Ethernet networks, compatible with category 5, 5e, 6, and 6a cabling. It is built with four PTU-64-PRO modules, mounted in a PTU/PTF-6-RACK housing. In standard LAN networks, it is mounted on the front rail of a Rack cabinet to allow for easy cross-connection with other LAN devices. In the case of use with NVR recorders in IP-CCTV systems, it can be mounted on the back rail behind the recorders using angled LK-MOUNT brackets. This solution is more ergonomic, as NVR recorders typically have RJ-45 connectors on the back.

The RJ-45 sockets on the front of the protector (DEVICE) serve as the protected side against surges, and are connected to them via patch cords to the ports of Gigabit Ethernet switches. The rear LSA connectors serve as the unprotected side (LINE), to which long lines of LAN infrastructure are directly connected. This solution creates two devices in one: a patch panel for terminating transmission lines and effective surge protection. This simplifies installation and reduces the number of additional elements, resulting in cost savings. In order to ensure continuity of the FTP cable shield, shielded patch cords should be used and metal clamps, which are equipped with the PTU-64 electronic boards, should be used.

The PTU-64 series modules are modern solutions with very high surge protection efficiency and high-quality transmission. The use of multilayer PCB boards resulted in compliance with the category 6 cabling standard and successful tests for frequencies of 4 x 250MHz.

The independent PoE protection circuit protects against voltage surges between pairs 1,2 - 3,6 and 4,5 - 7,8. It reduces the risk of damage to LAN end device power supplies due to surges, atmospheric discharges, or uncontrolled voltage increases, for example, in the event of a PoE power supply failure. The surge protector protects all types of PoE power supplies and allows for power transmission in the Hi PoE standard as well.

To achieve full surge protection, it is necessary to ensure proper grounding of the surge protector by connecting the grounding wire to a properly grounded rack. The optional PTU/PTF-5/6-COVER cover provides protection for circuits and protection connectors against dust, and also serves as additional protection against external interference.

The best level of protection is achieved by using surge protectors on both sides of the wires: a multi-channel protector on the LAN switch side and a single one on the end device side, for example, PTF-61-PRO/PoE.

Product tested according to categories D1, C2, C1, B2. It is intended for use at the boundaries of LPZ0/LPZ1 zones or higher.

LAN patch panel with surge protector


Complete surge protection with PTU-616, serving as a patch panel


Technical specification

Data line
Number of LAN channels
Expandability -
Supported Ethernet standards
10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, 1000Base-Tx
Compatibility with cabling Cat. 6
Used with cabling
FTP, UTP of any category
Input connector (unprotected side) LSA (Krone) connector + shield
Output connector (protected side) Shielded RJ-45 socket
Number of protective stages
2 (GDT, TVS)
Rated DC voltage (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
C1: Protection level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
C1: Discharge current (8/20µs, line-ground) lmax / conductor
2.5kA (max)
D1: Maximum lightning current (10/350µs, line-ground) Iimp
DC rated voltage (line-line) UN 3.3V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (line-line) UC 3.5V DC
B2: Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP
C1: Discharge current (8/20µs, line-line) Iimp 100A
Decoupling element Surge resistor
Protected lines 1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8
Capacity (line-line) @1MHz 6-15pF
Capacity (line-ground) @1MHz 1-2pF
Series resistance 2.2Ω / line
Nominal current IN 300mA / line
PoE Line
Nominal DC voltage (line-line) UN 57V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (line-line) UC 64V DC
B2: Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 93V DC
C2: Discharge current (8/20µs, line-line) Iimp 100A
Protected lines (pairs)
(1+2)-(3+6), (4+5)-(7+8)
PoE operation standard Compatible with all types including Hi PoE
Common features
Dimensions 480 x 41 x 130 (mm)
Application Protection of devices installed inside / outside
Mounting method Mounting in 19" RACK cabinet, 1U height
Grounding method Wire
Enclosure tightness
Operating temperature -40ºC~60ºC