Video surge protection for coaxial cable and UTP, LKTO-8-FPS

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CCTV connection panel, cameras protection for coaxial cable and surge protection for UTP twisted pair, build in UTP Video balun, converter, ewimar, eXQuality, LKTO-8, passive transformer for twisted pair, LKTO, LKTO-8, LKTO8, LKTO8, standalone housing
LKTO-8-FPS is rack mount system designed to protect CCTV instalations from lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages and vandalism.

LKTO series have included models LKO and LKT models in one unit, so it’s possible to use twisted pair or coaxial cable in each channel. You can choose which one will be connected by switching jumpers on PCB (Coaxial / UTP). It’s a perfect solution for installations with different types of cables.


  • Simple connection of coaxial and UTP cables: Device has low-loss screw terminals that doesn’t require the BNC connectors for coaxial cables. Special holes for cable tie enables protects coaxial and UTP cables for plucking.
  • Universal conection: Panel is designed to connect both coaxial and UTP cable by using appropriate terminals and put on jumpers in correct position. Video signal from coaxial cable is transmited direct to BNC connector, but signal from UTP cable is changed from 110Ohm to 75 Ohm standard by build in Video balun;
  • High-frequency filter: A better quality of pictures on long UTP cables, by compensation of attenuation high-frequency;
  • 3-stage surge protection: It protect cameras, DVR’s and other CCTV devices from lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages.
  • Two-way operation: Each Video channel can work as transmitter or receiver.
  • Work without power: It’s a passive decive that can work without power
  • Cable Organizer: Properly constructed casing and high quality BNC connectors creates Professional CCTV cable organizer, providing aesthetics of installation;


Main features:
  • 8 powers outputs with polymer fuses 500mA, 750mA or 1A
  • Optical signaling of power each channel
  • Sound signaling of short circuit
  • Protection for growth of power to 14.4 V and reverse polarity
  • Surge protection of power line

Technical Specifications:
Parameter Value
Video Channels 16
Video output BNC 75 Ohm, precision CNC
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP twisted pair 110 Ohm
Frequency range 0-10 MHz coaxial cable,
0-8Mhz UTP
Attenuation for coaxial cable No more than 0.3 dB
Attenuation for UTP twisted pair No more than 0.5 dB
Capacity protection circuit No more than 50pF
Stages of surge protection PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Discharge Current 10kA gas tube, 57A transient
Discharge voltage 75V gas tube, 8.2 V transient
Response time 10us
Max protection 4kV
Dimension Standalone housing