16- channel surge protection to UTP and coaxial cable LHD-16R series EXT
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LHD-16R-EXT is rack mount system designed to protect CCTV instalations from lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages and vandalism.

LHD series is universal for UTP twisted pair and coaxial cable. You can choose which one will be connected by switching jumpers on PCB (Coaxial / UTP). It’s a perfect solution for installations with different types of cables.

The device include high quality converter (transformer), change impedance UTP to coaxial cable.
The device dedicated is to transmission signal high frequency, which using to transmission Video HD in systems AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI / Turbo HD. Converter uses a high quality inductance of amorphous core, with linear characteristic allows signals move to 42Mhz.

LHD-16R-EXT a high quality, 16-channel surge protection for wire UTP. The device is dedicated to CCTV High Definition, using standard signal AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI oraz Turbo HD. Extreme Series has the latest solution in the form of a superspeed automatic fuses, performed in MOSFET technology. Device are very low electrical resistance during normal operation. At the time of nominal operation is controlled intensity and increase current above 100mA, the input circuit is automatically disconnected from the output circuit in a very short time.
The device used three degrees protective acting in the right order while a lightning surge or other sources, both high and low. While normal operation, the signal transmission circuits are not galvanically connected to ground, so are no harmful ground loops and interference, the HD signal. The protection is based on disconnection (separation) circuit by high-speed MOSFET fuse and then retrive electric charge to the ground the circuitry already in the early stages of formation, which delays the appearance of the destructive voltage on the input circuit CCTV equipment. At the time in pulse overvoltage is discharged to ground using a separate cable. The protection is based on suppression of an electrical charge to the circuitry already in initial stage of formationand delays the emergence of the destructive voltage on the input circuit CCTV equipment. At the start of the primary impulse overvoltage, he is from the earth is neutralized using a different cable to ground. Surges generated inside the wire and secondary overvoltage, are eliminated before other circuit, decoupling special resistor. This results in a high strength to impulses multiple devices (stun guns) and ensures the order in each action grade protective.
Scheamat działania zabezpieczenia seri EXTREME
Low capacity circuit (2~4pF) has minimal effect on signal transmission from 0 ~ 100MHz, which for complex signals AHD HD-CVI and HD-TVI is very important, because it does not cause large attenuation.

LHD-16R-EXT may be use in systems multi channel with connect surge protection 1-channel  series Extreme or Profesional. In order to ensure full protection. It is recommended to use surge protection on two ends wire signal along with their ground.

Scheamat działania zabezpieczenia seri EXTREME

Example connected signal HD to UTP and coaxial cable with surge protection HD camera and DVR using lightning protection LHD-8R-EXT HDO and HDT

Technical Specification:
Channel Video 16
Impedance UTP
75 Ohm
Impedance BNC
100 Ohm
Connector input (line)
Socket srew
Connector output (device)
Wire with male BNC
Frequency response
42 MHz
Tłumienie 0.4dB
3 - Air ionizing, gas tube, fuse MOSFET
Protect line-ground
Gas tube: 90V, 2x10kA @ 8/20uS
Protect line-line
Transcient bridge: 6V, 100A @ 8/20uS
Maximum level overvoltage
Maximum 4pF

* transmission distance depend on the quality of the cable