Pole mount base for CCTV cameras and surge protection devices

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Pole mount for cameras, mount the camera on the pole. Surge arresters, Dahua, Hikvision, U-BOX, manufacturer

The new version of the pole mount is designed for the installation on the pole of CCTV cameras and products as: BOX-1,2,3 housings and SUG-BOX1, SUG-BOX2, BOX HD-1-EXT, BOX PTU-51-EXT/PoE/MINI, BOX PTF -1-EXT/PoE and BOX PTF-1-EXT+/PoE.

The number of holes has been increased for such manufacturers as: Hikvision, Dahua and Novus.

It is a product that allows you to obtain high-quality electrical connections, surge protection and stable installation within one device. It is used for both analog cameras and IP cameras. We use zinc coated sheet and protective varnish ensure high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

It has ready-made holes to facilitate the mounting of the surge protection devices and stainless clamps for 55-150mm pole diameters. On request, clamp bands suitable for a different diameter of the mast are available.



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Installation of CCTV cameras on a pole

Installation of CCTV cameras on a pole


Material Metallurgical galvanized sheet, enameled
Mounting method 2 x stainless claps
The minimum diameter of the mast 55mm
Maximum mast diameter 150mm (possibility of ordering bands for a larger diameter)
Dimensions 150 x 230 x 55 (mm)