Passive Video Balun UTP AHD, HD-CVI. HD-TVI

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TR-1F-HD is passive Video transformer with BNC connector, which is designed to transmitting Video signal by using UTP twisted pair of 5 category. The device matches impedance of coaxial cable (75Ω) to impedance of symmetrica cable, which provide signal transmission up to 450m for 720p with passive transmiter

TR-1F-HD in compared of other devices on market has high-frequency filter. By using this filter, Video signal, which is sending on long distance has better quality.

The passive Video transformer has small size and it's ideal solutions to CCTV systems and video conferencing, Video distribution, P / T / Z control of signals, PC multimedia.

Technical specification:
Signal transmission UTP twisted pair / coaxial cable
Range (UTP) Up to450m for 720p CVI
Up to 250m for 1080p CVI
Up to 250m for 720p/1080p TVI
Up tp 320m for 720p AHD
Video channels 1
Voltage range 75Ω (CVBS)
Suppression -0,5dB
Range of Video band 0 - 50Mhz
Signal / noise interval 60dB
Impedance of coaxial cable 75Ω
Impedance UTP twisted pair 100Ω
Work temperature -10ºC +70ºC