8-channel Rack cable organizer for CCTV with power supply distribution
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FKO-8-FPS is a 8- channel patch panel dedicated to CCTV, mounting in RACK 19''cabinet , designed for the permament connection of coaxial cable CCTV systems. Coaxial are clamped using low-loss screw terminals, so need for crimping BNC connectors and their instalation or configuration change takes place very easily.
The housing panel is equipped with special holes for cable ties that precent breaking of wire even with considerable force. The signal is output using a BNC patch cords to receving devices, such as DVRs, monitoris, and matrix switchers. The panel is very small, making it suitable for mounting on both the front and to the rear rail RACK. IN the latter case, any combination remain in the rear, increasing aesthetics of the instalation.

FKO-8-FPS include 8- channel camera power distributor FPS - provides 16 independents power outputs, protects from short circuit and lightnings. It is equipped on optical signal of power supply to each channels and buzzer signaling of short circuit on any of them.