Separated video UTP balun, power supply splitter, LST-16R-FPS
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LST-16R-FPS is 16 channels passive UTP converter integrated with ground loop separator and camera power distributor. It is produced as a panel to RACK 19" cabinet. It is designed to change Video signal from twisted pair to coaxial cable and protects CCTV devices form effects of of surges and potential differences. It contains in few blocks function, facilitating make cable installation to DVRs or matrix switchers.

UTP converter for coaxial cable – changes symmetric Video signal from impedance of twisted pair (100 Ohm) to signal of coaxial cable (75 Ohm).

Built-in camera power distributor  - provides 8 independents power outputs, protects from short circuit and lightnings. It is equipped on optical signal of power supply to each channels and buzzer signaling of short circuit on any of them.

3-stage surge protection -  It protect cameras, DVR’s and other CCTV devices  from  lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages and use a stun guns. 3-stage of surge suppression to level of 4 kV and pulse power supply to 10000A , efficiently boil down it to safety level for CCTV devices.

High-frequency filter - corrects the high-frequency, compensates attenuation in cables. As a result the Video quality as higher in areas of sharp edges and color quality as higher.

Ground loop separation – eliminates distorted of Video, which are resulting of alignment potential difference on Video cables. Protect device such as cameras and DVRs from damage as a result of ground loop surges. Amorphous core introduces negligible signal losses and harmonic distortion, which always appear in optical separators.

Convenient clamps of coaxial cable – Low-loss screw terminals for coaxial cable significantly accelerate the connection, allow easy to change configuration without need to crimping BNC connector.

Precision BNC connectors – Signal transmission is done by using precision BNC connectors, which are performed by CNC method.

Bidirectional action – The signal is transmitted at any directions, allowing to expand the installation options on the transmission or reception.

Easier installation in Rack cabinet - Suitably shaped holes simplifies installation for front of RACK cabinet. After applying LKT-MOUNT set the panel can be mounting on back of cabinet at 45 degrees, allowing to very comfortable laying cables in back of cabinet, where they are always available for installer and patch cord cables can be directly connected to CCTV devices.

Full compatibility – Panels of LST series are fully compatibility with surge protectors of LKT and SUG series, produced by Ewimar company.

Technical Specifications:
Video channels
16 for UTP twisted pair(built-in UTP transfomer)
Power channels
Method of attachment Rack 19" cabinet
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP twisted pair 100 Ohm
Maximum cable length 300m for color video signal, 500m for black-white video signal
Frequency range 20Hz~10MHz
Separation 600V (minimalna)
Insulation resistance 100MOhm
Attenuation No more than 0.5dB
Stages of surge protection 3 - PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Discharge voltage 75V, Transil 8,2V
Discharge current 2 x 10kA, Transil: 57A
Capacity protection circuit No more than 50pF