Angle bracket for patch-panels and surge protectors mounted in RACK , LK-MOUNT

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  • Code: LK-MOUNT
  • Manufacturer's code: 5904041750571
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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Angle bracket 45 degrees for CCTV and LAN patch-panels, designed for LHD, LHSO, LHST, PTU and PTF series products, lk-mount, Rack 19" bracket

LK-MOUNT is innovative solution, allowing to mount protection patch-panels in back side of Rack cabinet. Has been designed for CCTV and LAN surge protectors, series LHD, LHSO, LHST, PTU and PTF.

Mounting at 45 degrees makes, that cables connection during installation, is now very easy. Each connections to DVRs and matrix switchers are performed by short factory cables, which contributes to significant reduction in amount of cable, increase order in cabinet and facilitates maintenance.

In conjunction with CCTV panels of FPS version, is possible to obtain additional benefit limiting amount of cable, because it includes integrated power distributors with overcurrent protection and surge protection.