What is important when designing and installing surge arresters?


Both at the design stage and during installation, we must remember several important issues related to the installation of surge protectors. Please remember that compliance with the following guidelines is important for the proper operation of surge arresters, e.g. during lightning, and consequently, the induction of an electromagnetic pulse in the cables, which may lead to damage, e.g., of a camera, recorder or switch.

8 rules to follow:

  1. Determining the level of risk at the place where the devices are installed.
  2. Maintaining the correct separation distance.
  3. Proper grounding.
  4. Selecting the appropriate grounding cable.
  5. Ensuring good call quality.
  6. Placing the surge arrester close to the protected device.
  7. Protection of both ends of the cables.
  8. Maintaining the directionality of the protector's operation.

A detailed description of the above rules can be found in our knowledge base at the link:

What is important during installation? (ewimar.com) 

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