16-channel separator AHD HD-CVI, HD-TVI and surge protector
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LHSO-16R-EXT is a 16-channel protection panel, mounted in 19" rack cabinet. It is dedicated to the installation of high definition CCTV, based on HD-CVI, AHD and HD-TVI standards. It is a multifunctional device designed to facilitate connection and arrangement of large amounts of coaxial cables as well as protection against overvoltages and lightning.

Cable arrangement - makes it easy to connect coaxial cables without using the BNC connectors and allows for strong and durable attachment, which protects them from loosing connection or accidental pulling out.

Surge Protection - protects the receiving devices (DVRs) against lightning, surges and sabotage activities. Built-in discharge gas tubes protects CCTV installations against penetration of surge charges into devices. In addition, each Video circuit is protected against an increase in tension between the Video wires.

Galvanic separation - each Video channel is equipped with a passive galvanic separator. Provides 800VDC isolation between cameras and receiving devices (DVRs). It is the most effective form of protection against the influence of the ground loops potentials, which can occur when devices are installed on metal structures or are supplied from different power sources. The ground loops potentials causes visible noise in the image and in extreme cases leads to damage to the cameras or digital video recorders. High pulse surge current in the ground also arises during a lightning storm and galvanic separation effectively limits the risk of damage CCTV devices.

Built-in MOSFET fuses - highly effective surge protection is complemented by innovative MOSFET fuses, disconnecting the input circuit during 1μS when exceeding the maximum permissible surge current over 1mA. They protect chokes of built-in separators from being damaged by the flow of a large current (accidental short-circuit the power line, high value surge) - after the threat - connection is restored also within in time 1μS .

Patch panel  - all video signals passing through LHSO are derived using high quality BNC connectors. Connections with receiving devices (DVRs) are being done using the BNC patch-cords , which allows easier switching of signal source between individual Video channels . To ensure sustainable and stable connection, we recommend using quality patch-cords  - also provided by Ewimar.

Power distributor - optionally mounted LKO-FPS circuit board supplies individual power to each camera by separate circuit breakers. This protects the CCTV system before the total neutralization, by a short circuit in power line in one of any of the channels. Power status of each channel is indicated by LEDs and when there is short-circuit it additionally make a sound(buzzer). Created in this way the central power system can be easily equipped with an emergency power supply based on the buffer power supply units. The power supply used with the FPS circuit board should supply an output current of at least 50% of the nominal consumption so at the moment  of a short circuit occurrence it does not power off (for switching power supplies).

Galvanic separation HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD

A simplified block diagram

The panel can be mounted on the front or rear rail of the RACK cabinet . After applying the LK-MOUNT angle brackets panel is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows easy access to the BNC connectors and cable connectors. When using angle brackets it is very easy to install a lot of panels without limiting access for any connections.

lhso-16r-ext Rack 19        Installation of CCTV Rack        Patch Panel RACK CCTV
The structure and method of connecting LHSO series panels.

Installation Notes - The panel should always be mounted at the receive device side (DVR) - BNC connectors always work as a video output - do not reverse the direction of the signal - otherwise the panel can will block Video signal. To ensure the effectiveness of surge protection, grounding conductor o the panel must be connected to the specially made earthing or close to a earthed point of the PE line. It should be noted that it requires the shortest path to the earth - too much distance causes a delay in response to the surge protection.

Technical Specification:
Video channels
75 Ohm
Input connector (Line)
Low-loss screw terminal
Output connector (Device)
BNC female connector
Bandwidth 50MHz
Attenuation 0,5dB
Galvanic separation
800V DC
Surge protection Gas Tube, transcient, MOSFET fuse
Protection Line-ground Gas tube 90V, 2x10kA @ 8/20uS
Protection line-line Transcient diode 5V, 15A @ 8/20uS
Capatcitance of protection circuit ok. 10pF
Surge protection response time
MOSFET response time
Operation temperature
-40˚C do +60˚C
Dimensions Rack 19" / 1U