Protection modules - tailored to each installation


PTU-54 and PTF-54 modules are devices responsible for surge protection of installation elements, such as: IP cameras, PoE switches, and WiFi access points. They work with PoE supply in many IEEE standards, including: 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt - type 3 (HiPoE, UPOE). They can be used in LAN in the 10Base-T and 100Base-T standard.

EXT series modules additionally use MOSFET technology, thanks to which we obtain a very high level of protection - both against overvoltages and sudden jumps in potential differences. Excellent data transmission parameters and high impact resistance are achieved thanks to the use of PCBs with a very high copper content and precise circuit routing.

The PTF-54 has RJ-45 sockets on both sides of the module (protected - DEVICE and unprotected - LINE), so the modules can be connected to other patch panels at that end the cables. In PTU-54, the unprotected side is equipped with LSA type connectors, which enable direct installation of cables.

The modules are intended for installation in housings made of ABS plastic (PTU/PTF-5-BOX (1 pc.), PTU/PTF-5-BOX-DIN) and in PTU/PTF-5-RACK panels (up to 4 pcs.). By using modules of different models in one panel, we obtain systems with different purposes and levels of protection.

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