SUG-BOX1, Lightning protection for camera in waterproof box

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Full surge protection, lightning protection for camera, waterproof, protection overvoltage, do kamer cctv, separation, SUG-BOX1 tranformer on UTP converter of UTP with coaxial cable , protect power track,
     SUG-BOX1 is multi function device dedicated to camera CCTV. The fully protects the camera the effects of lightning and potential differences. Power circuit is protected aganisted overvoltage up 15V and overload 15V.
 The device place trasformer  coaxial cable to UTP twisted pair. Can be use coaxial cable with power or UTP twisted pair

Solution facilitates instalation systems  by lack of need for crimping connector. Thanks SUG-BOX1 instalation looks professional
Surge protection place in high quality box waterproof


  • Waterproof bax IP66
  • Comfortable lid secured with twine and without falling out screws
  • Built in converter  UTP
  • Built in high quality separation for UTP and coaxial cable
  • Surge protection 10kA for track Video and power 12V
  • Easy connect coaxial cable using screw terminal
  • A set of connectors for direct connection of camera CCTV
    Large cable entries with rubber membranes
  • Also available in configurations 24VAC -for order


Technical specyfication Video:
Impedancce for coaxial cable
75 Ohm
Impedance for twisted pair UTP
100 Ohm
Frequency response
10 MHz
Attenuation 0,6dB
Separation Video 600VDC for twisted pair UTP and coaxial cable
Surge protection
3 level -air ionizing, gas tube, transcient bridge
Capacity circuit protect
No more them 10pF
Current protection
Gas tube: 2 x 10kA @ 8/20uS, transcient bridge 57A
Voltage protection
Gas tube: 75V line-ground, transcient bridge 8,2V line-line
Connector input
Connector output
Screw, BNC - male


Technical specyfication track power:
Lightning protection
3 level -air ionizing, gas tube, transcient bridge
Current protection
Gas tube: 2 x 10kA @ 8/20uS, Transil 100A
Voltage protection
gas tube: 75V line-ground, transcient bridge 15V line-line
Automatic, 750mA


Waterproof class
IP66 - side and top
wall,  U-BOX1
Working temperature
Dimension 114 x 114 x 57 (mm)