Wireless sender to AHD cameras, range up to 300 meters
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AV-LiNK AV-300AHD-MINI is a wireless transmission kit designed to send high-resolution video signal based on AHD standard. Kit does send video with resolution 1.3M AHD-M or analog Audio or Video PAL with resolution of 960H from CCTV cameras to DVR's. Advanced modulation mode, works in real time mode and without delay and latency.

AHD kit use one of eight radio channels selectable by dip-switch. High radio selectivity of the receiver and the generation of the carrier by PLL ensures high stability of frequency and allows to use multiple AHD kits in same time.

Usually AHD cameras have the ability to change between standard PAL and AHD. Transmitter automatically detects type of input signal (AHD / Analog) and automatically switches output signal of the receiver to the same standard. This solution facilitates commissioning installation and maintenance system using the standard service monitors.

Using a wireless transmission sets decrease cost of investment in situations where laying cables is dificult or in existing installation which need's extension.  

The set is equipped with adjustable wall bracket and built-in directional antennas. The hermetically hosing and sealing cables can be installed inside and outside the buildings.

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Application with analog PAL camera (960H)

AHD wireless sender
Application with AHD camera
Technical specification:
No Parameter
1 Video channels
Coaxial cable: 1 x 75 Ohm
2 Audio channels
3 Radio channels
Channel 1 : 5855MHz
Channel 2 : 5820MHz
Channel 3 : 5780MHz
Channel 4 : 5745MHz
Channel 5 : 5715MHz
Channel 6 : 5680MHz
Channel 7 : 5645MHz
Channel 8 : 5610MHz
4 Antenna Directional, active
5 Sensitivity -80dB
6 Power of output signal 14dBm
7 Signal / Noise ratio
8 Wave generation
PLL synthesis
9 Temperature of work
-20°C ~ 40°C
10 Hermetic class
11 A/V modulation
12 Audio band
13 Power supply
9~24V AC/VDC
14 Current Transmitter: 240mA @ 12VDC
Receiver: 130mA @ 12VDC
15 Bracket
Wall mount, adjustable
16 Surge protection
600W - Power, Video