Video line protection, for CCTV, camera SUG-3F

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 Surge protection of Video line on a coaxial cable.

is device designed to protect CCTV installation from lightnings, electrostatic voltage and vandalism. Electric charge flowing by the cable is received an transmited to ground by 3 consecutive stages which cause that devices are safe. An electric impuls is transmited simultaneously from the signal wire and cable shield protecting nearby devices. SUG-3F is easly to mounting. First you need cut coaxial cable. Second, remove the insulation. Third, mounting cables to the screw terminals.
Earth (yellow – green) cable is designed to discharge charge to the ground.

Technical specification:
Impedance for coaxial cable
75 Ohm
Frequency range 10 MHz
Attenuation 0,5dB
Stage of surge protection
3 - PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Circuit protection No more than 30pF
Discharge current 10kA gas tube,  57A transient
Discharge voltage 75V gas tube, 8.2 V transient