Video balun, surge protection 24V AC, SUG-6B

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Surge protection, 24V, power supply protector, for cctv camera, UTP transformer, Video balun, twisted pair, Ewimar, power line surge protector, 24ACV, CCTV, SUG-6B, SUG6B, SUG6-B, SUG6 sug-6
SUG-6B is device integrated with Video signal converter on UTP twisted pair designed to protect 24V power supply. It protects CCTV installations from lightnings and electrostatic voltage.

Video line has high performance of 3 stage protection and high-frequency filter improving video quality with long cables.

Main features:

  • Convenient BNC connection
  • High-frequency filter
  • Low attenuation for system
  • Surge protection from emergence of high-voltage DC
  • Surge protection form increase of supply voltage.
  • Protection from short circuit on output

Technical specification:
Video line
Maximum protection 4kV
Impulse discharge current Up to 10kA
Stages of surge protection 3
Capacity protection circuit Not more than 50pF
Fuse-off for Video line 50mA
Power line
Fuse-off for power supply 1A
Maximum protection 4kV
Stages of surge protection 3
Maximum voltage 14,4V DC
Dimensions 63 x 42,5 x 22,3 (mm)
Working temperature -40~+60°C