RS485 bus splitter/ distributor with galvanic isolation
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Product in version 2.1

The purpose of this device is to strengthen and separation of telemetry signals using the RS-485 interface. Packets coming at input are regenerated and  sent on 4 separate outputs in identical form, providing fourfold increase in the total length of the bus.
    Distributor is ideal for industrial automation and CCTV systems to get a star topology where damage (short circuit) one of the branch does not lock the transmission in other sectors. Each output has a switchable 120Ohm terminating resistor .

    Galvanic isolation protects the individual branches and equipment connected to them against lightning andtransmission interference caused by the potential difference.

    600W @ 8/20uS surge protection  and short-circuit protection, provide high resistance to damage in cooperating devices in the event of a surge, lightning and vandalism..

Isolated RS-485 splitter / distributor


Parameter Value
RS-485 inputs
RS-485 inputs
Amount of devices per bus
4 x 32 devices
Baudrate 300bit~1Mbit
Mode of operation
1-way (simplex), Input-> Output
galvanic Isolation
Optical, 1kV DC
Surge protection
600W - each RS-485 power and power supply
screw, removable
LED Indication
Power, transmission
Power supply
Current consuption
150mA max @ 12VDC
Housing Standalone, wall mount
Tightness IP40
Dimensions 90 x 83 x 33 (mm) with connectors
Temperature of work
-20°C ~ 60°C