Pole bracket for cameras and surge protection
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The handle is designed to mount CCTV cameras and security SUG-box1, SUG-BOX2, PtF1-EXT and PTF-1 + EXT on the pole. Creates a complete system that allows for high quality electrical connections secure and stable mounting in a single device. It is used for both analog cameras and IP cameras. Galvanized sheet and protective lacquer, resulting in high durability and resistance to weathering holder.

It has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting of those secure and bands for a very wide range of diameter masts.

uchwyt słupowy U-BOX1
Montaż kamer przemysłowych na słupie
General Specifications:
Material Metallurgically galvanized steel, enamelled
Method of attachment Bands
The minimum diameter of the mast
The maximum diameter of the mast

(bands with longer straps available on request)

Dimensions 150 x 230 x 55 (mm)