Dynacolor DSCP PTZ protocol translator

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Protocol converter CONV Pelco <-> DynacolorDSCP is 2-way unit used in CCTV solutions. Has been designed to allow of operation any cameras with Pelco-D protocol by using keyboard / Video matrix of Dynacolor  brand or operation of Dynacolor Speed dome cameras with any system using pelco-D / Pelco-P protocol.

This unit does support up to 127 of Dynacolor cameras when translation Pelco to Dynacolor is selected OR 1 pc of Pelco camera when translation Dynacolor to Pelco is selected.

List of convared commands:
  • Left, right, up, down move
  • Zoom in, zoom out
  • Far Focus, Focus Near
  • Access to menu
  • Recording and starting patterns
  • Starting Auto-Pan
  • Store and Call Presets