5.8GHz Wireless Audio-Video transmission system, AV-300-MINI
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  AV-LiNK AV-300-MINI series is set devices designed to Video and Audio transmission in the 5.8GHz frequency. It’s used in CCTV systems to transmit Video from CCTV cameras to DVR’s, matrix and monitors. Wireless devices  facilitates expansion of existing installations in places where technical conditions are difficult. There also reduces installation costs.  It has built-in directional antennas  with radio transmission distance up to 300 m.
     It’s used to mount  inside or outside buildings walls.  Small size and convenient to regulation bracket provide unobtrusive and it doesn’t require much space for installation.  It’s perfect to transmit Audio-Video signal between buildings situated near to each other  and inside sport or production halls.
     It can be used to transmit Video in industrial automation and control systems, multimedia Audio-Video installations. Another implementation are mobile video surveillance systems, used in construction of buildings and duration of mass events, where it isn’t possible to use cables and location is variable. AV-300-MINI is economical device, easy to install, connect and tuning. It doesn’t need specialized knowledge and  expensive measuring devices.

      Wireless transmission system has 7 independent radio channels. Due to digital frequency supervision you can easily change radio channels via Dip-switch. Each set of  MINI series transmits one Video and Audio channels.

      Video line in transmitter and receiver have universal connector able to connect coaxial which facilitates installation. Input/output  for coaxial cable have special clamps, you don’t need to use BNC connectors, it’s protected from corrosion or mechanical damage.

     Set consist of transmitter, receiver, IP65 hermetic case, bracket, clamps to masts.

Technical specification:

No. Parameter Value
1 Video channels
Coaxial cable: 1 x 75Ohm
2 Audio channels
1 x 2Vp-p
3  Radio channel
1st channel : 5470MHz
2nd channel : 5760MHz
3td channel : 5780MHz
4th channel : 5800MHz
5th channel : 5820MHz
6th channel : 5840MHz
7th channel : 5860MHz
4 Antenna  Directional, passive
5 Receiver sensitivity -85dB
6 Transmitter power 25mW, 14dBm
7 Deviations for Video (at 10KHz signal) 4MHz
8 Frequency control                        Synteza PLL
9 Work temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
10 Hermetic class IP65
11 A/V modulation FM
12 Frequency range of  Video signal 50Hz ~ 5.5MHz
13 Frequency range of Audio signal 50Hz~20kHz
14 Power 9~13.5VDC
15 Current consumption Transmitter: 300mA @ 12VDC
Receiver: 120mA @ 12VDC
16 Bracket wall, adjustable