Surge protector for 8 alarm zones of burglary system, APS-8Zi/1P

Surge protector for burglary alarm system, to protect 8 internal zones and power line , APS-8Zi/1P, manufacturer

The APS module is designed to protect alarm panels against overvoltages and lightning discharges. It has 8 protective circuits for alarm detector signals and one common protective circuit for power supply. The product is mounted in a dedicated metal housing along with other modules that can create a complete protection system for all alarm control panel signals.

The device's task is to eliminate the overvoltages induced in the alarm cables during a lightning discharge. The solutions used also eliminate spark jumps that attempt to penetrate the alarm system from other installations and discharge electrical charge to the ground. It is dedicated for use with alarm detectors installed inside the building.

Each alarm line path has independent protective circuits with an efficiency of 2kA, using super fast resetable MOSFET fuses, which prevents voltage pulses above 18V from getting on the protected side. This creates an effective protective barrier for any type of alarm system, without affecting even 4-state alarm circuits. Connection terminals of the unprotected and protected side has been maintained in accordance with the standard of connection in alarm panels, which ensures ease of installation and subsequent maintenance.

The product cannot be used for addressable (bus) lines, for this purpose a different model of protective device should be used.

The APS-8Zi / 1P has one power line protection path to which all power cables from the detectors of the entire module are connected.

A double terminal on the protected side makes it easier to connect more wires. As a short circuit in one of the power supply circuits will trigger the control panel protection and disconnect detectors from the power supply, the solution with common power supply is not recommended for S class installations and for external detectors. For these, the APS-8P module should also be used or module APS-4Zo/4P.



Surge protector for alarm panel of burglary system

Example of alarm panel protection




Alarm zones
Protection channels
Input / Output connection
Screw terminal
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-ground) Iimp 2kA
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 12V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 13V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP
18V (with MOSFET reaction)
Surge current (8/20µs, line-line) Iimp 2kA (with MOSFET reaction)
Decoupling element
Serial resistance
6Ω / line
Rated current IN 100mA / line
Power line
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 13.8V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 15V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 25V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-line) Iimp 250A
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-ground) Iimp 10kA
Rated current IN 1A
Common features
Dimensions 102 x 53,5 x 25 (mm)
Application Inside
Mounting Designed housing
Operating temperature

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