2-way splitter separator RS-485 half duplex , EW-485/4/2/So
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EW-485/4/2/So is designed for regeneration and separation of telemetry signals for industrial, building automation and other systems using the RS-485 bus. Packets sent to the MASTER port are regenerated and in the same form sent to four separated SLAVE ports, which provides a 4-fold increase in the length of the entire bus. Packets received from any SLAVE port are directed only to the MASTER port. The data is not transferred between the SLAVE ports. Distributor / splitter is perfect for CCTV systems, access control and industrial automation to obtain a star topology, where the damage (short-circuit) of one sub-bus does not block transmission on other sub-buses. Each output have built-in a termination resistor 120 Ohm closed by wire link.

The EW-485/4/2/So use low-impedance RS-485 drivers, which allows the network to be expanded up to 512 devices if low-impedance drivers are used in all connected devices.

Galvanic separation protects each sub-bus and connected devices against the lightning discharges and transmission disturbances resulting from the ground loop potentials.

600W @ 8/20uS surge protection and short-circuit protection, provide high resistance to damage connected devices against the over voltages, lightning discharges, and vandalism.

Separated splitter distributor RS-485
RS-485 bus topology using splitter / separator
Technical specification:
Parameter Value
Master port RS-485
Slave ports RS-485 4
Number of supported RS-485 devices
4 x 128 devices*
Baudrate range
300bit~1Mbit (10Mbit on special order)
Transmission mode
2-way (half-dupex), Master <-> Slave
Galvanic separation
1kV DC
Surge protection
600W - each RS-485 port and power
Removable screw terminal,
LED indicator
Power, transmission
Power supply
9~24V DC
Current consumption
180mA max @ 12VDC
Enclosure Standalone, wall-mount
Tightness IP40
Dimensions 90 x 83 x 33 (mm) with terminals
Operation temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C
*with use low-impedance RS-485 drivers in all connected devices