Biphase code Splitter / Distributor
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EW-Biphase/4/1 in revision 2.1
The device has been designed to extend lenght of Bosch Biphase bus and increase amount of connected devices to one Biphase network. Can be used also with Pelco do Biphase converter (CONV Pelco <-> Biphase) made by Ewimar company.

Biphase code coming at input are regenerated and  sent on 4 separate outputs in identical form, providing fourfold increase in the total length of the bus. Each Biphase output can support up to 32 Speed Dome cameras G3 / G4 series.

    The distributor is ideal for Bosch CCTV systems to get a star topology where damage (short circuit) one of the branch does not lock the transmission in other branches. Each output has a switchable 120 Ohm terminating resistor.
   Built in surge protection 600W @ 8 / 20us and short-circuit protection, provide high resistance to damage in cooperating devices in the event of a surge, lightning and vandalism. 

Distributor bosch biphase


Parameter Value
Biphase inputs
Biphase outputs
Amount of devices per bus
4 x 32 devices
Baudrate 31250 baud
Mode of operation
1-way (simplex), Input-> Output
Galvanic Isolation
Surge protection
600W - each RS-485 power and power supply
screw, removable
LED Indication
Power, transmission
Power supply
Current consuption
150mA max @ 12VDC
Housing Standalone, wall mount
Tightness IP40
Dimensions 90 x 83 x 33 (mm) with connectors
Temperature of work
-20°C ~ 60°C