Separator 4-channel, integrated with UTP balun, LST-4F Lite

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LST-4F Lite is a ground loop Video separator designed to small CCTV installations, protects cameras, DVR’s and monitors from lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages.

Metal structures (poles, metal buildings)  and multiple camera power supplies are causing distortions, which are eliminated by ground loop Video separator. Interferences from power line and potential discontinuity are eliminated by filter boosting high-frequencies.

The Ground loop Video separator protects cameras and DVR’s from potential differences, lightnings and power downs. Damage caused by potential differences and lightnings are different but the resultes are the same (loss the warranty on cameras and DVR’s).

Is available too version with 3 stage surge protection: Click here

Main features:
  • UTP converter for coaxial cable: It changes Video signal from twisted pair to coaxial cable.
  • 3-stage surge protection: It protect cameras, DVR’s and other CCTV devices  from  lightnings, electrostatic overvoltages
  • High-frequency filter: A better quality of pictures on long cables, by compensation of attenuation high-frequency in UTP cable
  • BNC connector: Signal is transmitted by BNC connector
  • Bidirectional action: The signal is transmitted at any directions, therefore it can be installed on sending and receiving sides
  • Full compatibility: Panels of LST series are fully compatible with surge protections of LKT and SUG version, produced by Ewimar company

Technical Specifications:
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP twisted pair 100 Ohm
Max cable length 300m for color video signal, 500m for black-white video signal
Frequency range 20Hz ~ 10MHz
Segregation 600V (min.)
Insulation resistance 100M Ohms
Attenuation 0,4dB
Stages of surge protection PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Capacity protection circuit No more than 30pF