Repeater, galvanic insulator RS485, EW-485/1/2/So

Separator / repeater RS-485 for CCTV, access control and Modbus in industrial automation. Galvanic insulation 1kV for ground loop effect, EW-485/1/2/So


Description for version 3

The product is designed for separating devices operating in the RS-485 network and increasing bus length. It is used in access control systems, CCTV, alarm systems, industrial automation, Modbus RTU and in many other applications where two-way transmission is required. Perfectly protects installed devices against transmission interferences and damage due to ground loop potentials and overvoltages.

It is characterized by full data packet permeability in both directions (half duplex), in the transmission baud rate range from 300 baud to 500 kilo baud. After the transmission is completed, it releases the transmission line very quickly, which is important for efficient configurations. It can be used for various applications where the supply voltage range is 9 to 35VDC or 9 to 24VAC.

The EW-485/1/2/So can be used on either side of the bus, but the MASTER side should always be facing the device where it is installed. It is conditioned by optical separation, which is only for the SLAVE side. The MASTER side is galvanically connected to the input with power supply. If the connection is reversed galvanic separation will be lost.

The modern RS-485 line drivers enable connection of up to 128 points on one network using low-impedance transmitters in cooperating devices. For special order version with a transmission up-to 10Mbit also is available.

The correct connection is shown in the following diagrams.


Galvanic insulation of RS-485 network
Correct insulation of RS-485 network

Technical specification:
Parameter Value
Number of channels 1
Number of devices on the RS-485 Up to 128 devices
Baud rate
300bit~500kbit (10Mbit for special order)
Transmission mode
Half Duplex (two-way)
Galvanic insulation
1kV DC
ESD protection
600W - each port
Screw terminal, removable
LED indication
Power, transmission, receiving
Power 9~35VDC / 9~24VAC
Current consumption
50mA max @ 12VDC
Housing Standalone
Tightness IP40
Dimensions 74 x 32 x 27 (mm) with connectors
Operation temperature -20°C ~ 60°C