EW-RA-1 / 250HR

1-channel wireless controller witch keyfobs RA-1 / 250HR
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1-channel radio controller to RA-1 series is used to wireless control of alarm systems, outputs gates or garage, lightening and other devices which need this control. In operation of radio controller uses one of safest wireless transmission system, Keeloq® algorithm, which is characterized by variable-coding. It protect before copy the transmitter and using it to take control of receiver.Receivers are radio keyfob of PA series, receiver with built-in universal inputs, wireless reed relays or buttons on radio transmitter, which are constructed by Ewimar company.Receiver RA-1 characterized by small size, but by use suitable construction it is very easy to connect cables.

Main features:

  • NO or NC relay outputs
  • Support of 15 keyfobs
  • Work in bistable mode (on/off) or monostable (momentary) with defined time of relay activation – up to 60 sec.
  • Superreactive receiver with radio range up to 250m in open space with low level of noises (HR version obtain range up to 200m)
  • Keyfob with flap protected from accidental touch of buttons
  • Memory of last state – in case of momentary losses of power, follows restoration of last state of relay outputs
  • Tamper protection of housing with separate output
  • Solution prolong battery life of keyfobs 3 times
  • 12V DC power supply, maximal current consumption 100mA
  • Small size
  • Easy mounting