PTZ protocol converter Pelco to Geutebrück

Protocol converter Pelco to Geutebrück, Speed Dome camera control, CONV-AG, manucacturer

The converter is a microprocessor device, designed to control Geutebrück cameras with keyboards, DVR recorders or other control devices, using the Pelco-D or Pelco-P protocol. It is installed between control devices and Speed Dome cameras or Pan / Tilt heads. When installed in the middle of the distance between the camera and the controller, it extends the RS-485 bus length twice. It supports variable or constant speed commands, and special functions such as presets, Aux functions, wiper, sprinkler, etc.

A modern processor with powerful firmware ensure fast data processing and very fast reaction to control. It has one input port for the Geutebrück protocol and two independently configurable ports for cameras with the Pelco protocol - individually set protocols and adjustable baud rate in the range of 1200baud to 115200baud.

It is a 3rd series product, fully configurable and updated via USB using Ewimar Upgrader / Configurator software. This allows you to purchase and change the software to another one, which means that the unnecessary converter can be reused in other systems at a low cost. It also has additional software options that introduce advanced real-time translation capabilities - they are activated with license codes.


Main features:

  • Support for 16 cameras by one converter with selectable addresses for each camera in the range from 1-255.
  • Possibility to increase the number of cameras supported by the converter to 99 by purchasing additional licenses.
  • Address Shift option, changing the input addresses to any output addresses in the range 1-255 - optional license.
  • Supports camera numbers 1-999 when Address Shift is activated.
  • Advanced Joystick Correction option for each camera - optional license.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple motion commands: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus.
  • Support for programming and calling PRESET, SCAN and PATTERN functions.
  • Wide range of baud rate selection and choice of Pelco protocol type.
  • Defining settings and updating software via USB port and Ewimar Firmware Upgrader / Configurator.
  • Possibility to change the software to another one, when the converter will no longer be used in the existing system - only at the cost of the firmware.


PTZ converter Pelco to Geutebrück



Translation way
Pelco to Geutebrück 
Supported cameras
16 (range 1-255)
Possibility to extend
Up to 99 cameras
Geutebrück ports
1 x RS-485
Pelco ports
1 x RS-485
Pelco protocols
Pelco-D, Pelco-P
Geutebrück protocol
Baud rate
1200 baud - 115200baud
Power 9-24VDC
Current consumtion
120mA @ 12VDC
Connection terminal
Screw, removable
USB connector
Additional options
Address Shift
Advanced Joystick Correction
87 x 28 x 51 (mm)
Surge protection
600W for each port