Surge protection in external housing for HD-CCTV camera, BOX HD-1-EXT/24VAC
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BOX HD-1-EXT is a compact surge protection for one CCTV camera, containing many functions in one housing. It provides full protection against surge discharges, ground loop pulse currents and acts of sabotage, which due to damage to the CCTV device can cause temporary lack of video signal and recording. It includes video circuit surge protection using MOSFET technology and 24VAC surge protection with a built-in filter.

The installed impedance converter (UTP balun) enables video signal transmission via coaxial cable or twisted pair (UTP) without additional accessories. The BOX-HD is equipped with appropriate BNC connectors and DC power supply, which makes it possible to connect the camera very easily and without any modifications of the original CCTV camera cables.
If the surge arrestor is not directly next to the CCTV camera, the second set of terminals can be used to connect the CCTV camera with the help of a longer section of the coaxial cable.

The hermetic housing with a large amount of space hides and protects the camera cables and all connectors against weather conditions without the need for additional housings. Large rubber passages with membranes enable the introduction of cable bundles from cameras with connectors and joysticks. Such a solution speeds up the installation, because there is no need to crimp any connectors, in addition, the installation looks very professional.

The BoX-HD is normally mounted next to the camera on the wall and in the need of mounting cameras on poles, an additional equipment is needed a U-BOX bracket , on which the camera is mounted together with the BOX HD-1. The assembled set as a whole can be attached to the pole.

High quality 3-stage surge protector with a value of up to 10kA / line with low loss level, is an excellent solution for high resolution CCTV systems based on AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI (Turbo HD) with a resolution of up to 5Mpix. The low level of attenuation passes PTZ control signals and a 2-way audio (depending on the system)

The MOSFET fuse very effectively eliminates sudden equalizing pulses occurring between individual grounding points. In case of mounting cameras on metal constructions, during atmospheric discharge, sudden interruptions in power supply and even when connecting individual CCTV devices, there are compensatory current pulses - they often cause damage to the cameras. The MOSFET fuse detects the occurrence of equalizing pulses and during 1uS disconnects the input and in input circuit , which prevents short but destructive currents from flowing


Surge protection of video camera
CCTV camera surge protection against lightning
Samples of using
Specification for Video line:
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP cable 100 Ohm
Frequency response 65 MHz
Signal attenuation 0,6dB
Surge protection 3-stage: GDT, MOSFET, TVS
Capacity of the surge circuit Not more than 16pF
DC rated voltage (line-line) 1,5VDC
Maximum operation voltage 3,3VDC
Protection level line-line
10VDC / 100A (10kA with MOSFET action) @ 8/20uS
Protection level line-ground 600VDC / 10kA @ 8/20uS
Input connectors (unprotected side)
screw (coaxial and UTP)
Output connectors (protected side) Screw/ cable with BNC

Specification for Power line:
Surge protection 2-stage: GDT,  TVS
DC rated voltage (line-line) 24VAC
Maximum operation voltage 27VAC
Protection level line-line 54VDC / 110A @ 8/20uS
Protection level line-ground 600VDC / 10kA @ 8/20uS
Nominal operatino current
1,1A (resetable fuse)


Common specification:
The tightness of the housing IP66 - applies to the sides and top part
Mounting Wall, U-BOX post bracket
Working temperature -30~60˚C
Dimensions 114 x 114 x 57 (mm)