LAN surge protector PROFESSIONAL series DIN rail, PTF-1
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PTF-1-PRO/PoE/DIN is professional surge protector designed for IP CCTV cameras mounted on DIN rail. It protect LAN connected devices before overvoltages, lightning,  and vandalism. Can be used to installations, where two end-point devices are placed outside of building like routers, switches, IPC cameras and other. For outside application additional IP66 housing must be used.

The protector eliminates overvoltages inside of each twisted pair over 6V up to 100A and 90V DC between wires and ground up to 4kA. The PTF-1 is compatible with UTP and FTP cable of 5 Cat standard, where 4-5 and 7-8 pairs are used only for Power Over Ethernet (PoE). It protect receivers before damages if power supply will be increased over 58V DC,

High quality printed circuits and low capacitance components give very small crosstalk and loss signal

To save high effectivity and fast reaction of protection, PTF-1 must be well grounded by shortest cable as is possible.

Samples of application

Surge protection for twisted pair

Lightning protection for UTP

Data protection
LAN channels 1
Category 100Base-T(100Mbit) network,
using 5/5e/6 category twisted-pair
Input connector (LINE) Male RJ-45, shielded
Output connector (DEVICE) Male RJ-45, shielded
Related Voltage DC (wire-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-ground) UC 110V DC
Threshold voltage 1kV/μs (wire-ground) UP 600V
Protection level C1 (8/20µS, wire-ground ) Iimp 100A (300 times)
Protection level C2 (8/20µS, wire-ground ) Iimp 2-4kA (10 times)
Related Voltage DC (shield-wire) UN 350V DC
Protection level C2 (8/20µS, shield-ground) Iimp 10kA (10 times)
Related Voltage DC (wire-wire) UN 6V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-wire) UC 6,8V DC
Threshold voltage 1kV/μs (wire-wire) UP C3 20V
protection level C1 (8/20µS, wire-wire) Iimp 100A
Protected pairs 1-2, 3-6, (4+5)-(7+8)
Capacity (wire-wire) @1MHz 7-9pF
Capacity (wire-ground) @1MHz 1pF
Decoupling component Surge resistor
Serial Resistance 2,2Ω / line
Nominal current IN 300mA / line
PoE protection
Related Voltage DC (wire-wire) UN 58V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-wire) UC 64V DC
Threshold voltage (10/1000µS ,wire-wire) UP C3 93V
Protection level (10/1000µS, wire-wire) Iimp C3 6,4A
PoE standard IEEE 802.3af, B-type
Dimensions 35 x 86 x 32 (mm)
DIN RAIL occupancy 2 modules
Application Indoor / outdoor with additional IP66 housing
Mount DIN Rail / Wall mount - option
Tightness IP54
Operating temperature -30ºC~60ºC

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