LAN surge arrester to protect cameras and radio bridges

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  • Code: BOX-1-PTF-51-EXT/PoE
  • Manufacturer's code: 5904041751516
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
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Zewnętrzny ogranicznik przepięć sieci LAN w obudowie zewnętrznej, przeznaczony do ochrony kamery IP w instalacjach CCTV oraz mostów radiowych, BOX-1-PTF-51-EXT/PoE

BOX-1-PTF-51-EXT/PoE is a LAN surge arrester designed to protect IP camera points mounted on walls, poles or extension arms. It features very high protection efficiency against direct discharges up to 5kA @ 8/20μs and above 5kA in the version with screw connectors. Additional circuits protect PoE power supply from uncontrolled voltage rise caused by induced overvoltage. The applied MOSFET technology greatly reduces the level of surge voltage that may appear on the protected side in comparison with conventional solutions. The device has two LSA-type connectors (on the endangered and protected side) and an RJ-45 socket on the protected side, which allows for a convenient configuration of the cable infrastructure connection. The device can be used with category 5, 5e and 6 cabling, but due to the internal design, the connection speed will be in 100Base-T (100Mbit) standard. The Extreme Series features the latest in super-fast automatic fuses, made with MOSFET technology. It provide very low electrical resistance during normal work, so they do not cause any losses in LAN system. When current is flowing, its intensity is controlled and the increase above a preset value automatically disconnects the output circuit in a maximum time of 1μs. This ensures that the physical layer of the LAN is completely isolated from the cable for the duration of the risk and causes a faster build-up of voltage on the protective elements, so that a faster response to the resulting overvoltage occurs. The duration of the surge can be uninterrupted for a long time and once the surge has passed, the electrical connection is automatically restored within 1μs. The product is compatible with all PoE standards with a maximum power of 60W.

It can be used with other Ewimar PRO or EXT protectors, but to ensure full protection of the overhead line, it is recommended to use two identical devices - one at each end of the cable. This balances the surge resistance of the entire circuit, regardless of where the electric charge penetrates.


Ochrona punktu kamerowego


The large housing allows for convenient connections and insertion of the cable from the camera with all connectors, allowing them to be hidden and protected from moisture. BOX-1-PTF-51 can be mounted directly on the building wall or on the U-BOX pole mount together with the camera, which creates a compact solution.

The product has high quality hermetic housing, however, due to necessity of leading cables from the camera, one of the holes has rubber membrane without possibility of complete sealing. The product should always be mounted with the membrane facing downwards, avoiding installation just above the elements where bouncing water may fall into the device from below. It shouldn’t be mounted below the ground or below the level of collecting water.



Data line
Number of LAN channels 1
Compatibility with Network 10Base-T, 100Base-T (100Mbit)
Compatibility with cabling
Category 5, 5e, 6, 6a
Input connector (unprotected side) LSA (Krone)
Output connector (protected side) LSA (Krone) + RJ-45
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-ground ) Iimp 5kA
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 3,3V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 3,5V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 8V (with MOSFET reaction)
Surge current C1 (8/20µs, line-line ) Iimp 2kA
Protected lines 1-2, 3-6
Capacitnance (line-line) @1MHz 6-15pF
Capacitnance (line-ground) @1MHz 2-3pF
Series resistance 6Ω / line
Rated current IN 300mA / line
Protection level 3 (GDT, MOSFET, TVS)
Decoupling element MOSFET fuse
PoE Line
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 57V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 64V DC
Protection level UP C3 93V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-line) Iimp C3 2kA (A option) 250A (B option)
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 110V DC
Protection level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge current (8/20µs, line-ground) Iimp 5kA
Protected pair (1+2)-(3+6), (4+5)-(7+8)
Protected PoE standards IEEE 802.3af/at/bt-typ 3 (HiPoE, UPOE)
Common features
Dimensions 114 x 114 x 57 mm
Application Indoor / Outdoor
Mounting Standalone / Mounting on the wall / U-BOX bracket
Housing tightness IP65 (acording to notes in manual)
Operating temperature -30ºC~60ºC