16-channel surge protection for LAN Gigabit Ethernet, PTU-616R-EXT/PoE
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Surge protection for Gigabit Ethernet networks, built based on 5, 5e and 6th category cabling. It is composed of two PTU-64-EXT modules mounted in the PTU/PTF-6-RACK panel. It is designed for mounting in a 19 "Rack cabinet on the front rail. In IP-CCTV installations it can be mounted on the rear rail using LK-MOUNT angle brackets - many NVR's recorders have a built-in LAN switch and all connectors on the back.

The RJ-45 connectors on the front (DEVICE) are protected against surges. The Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports are connected to them using patch cords. The rear LSA connectors are an unprotected side (LINE), where long LAN cables are connected without the use of RJ-45 connectors. This design creates two devices in one: LAN patch panel with RJ-45 sockets and effective surge protection. This solution simplifies the installation, reduces the number of additional elements and reduces costs. To ensure continuity of FTP cable screen, shielded patch cords and metal clamps on PCBs should be used.

The PTU-64 series modules are very high-quality surge protection products with low signal losses. The use of multilayer PCBs and modern components in MOSFET technology resulted in compliance with the 6th category cabling and correct tests for 4x250MHz frequency.

Built-in 3-level surge protection using MOSFET technology, effectively eliminate overvoltages induced in cabling and introduce additional separation for ground loop potentials between LAN devices. MOSFET technology also reduces the level of overvoltages that reaches a protected device (UP voltage level) during overvoltage to a value that is a little higher than the rated operating voltage (Un). Obtaining such parameters is impossible in the case of the most commonly used conventional solutions.

Independent PoE protection circuits eliminate the overvoltages between 1.2 - 3.6 and 4.5 - 7.8 pairs in the LAN cable. This solution protects power supplies of LAN equipment against damage due to lightning surges or uncontrolled voltage increase, for example as a result of damage to the PoE power supply. The solutions used are compatible with each PoE standard, including Hi PoE.

Ensure proper grounding of the surge arrester by connecting the supplied grounding cable to PE line. The optional PTU/PTF-COVER protects PCB from dust, it also provides an additional shield against interference.

The best level of surge protection is obtained by installing surge arresters on two sides of the LAN cable. Multi-channel surge arrester at the LAN switch side and one-channel surge arrester at the LAN device side - for example PTF-61-EXT/PoE



LAN patch panel with surge arrester

Multi-channel LAN surge arrester model PTU-616 integrated with patch panel


Technical specification

Data line
Number of LAN channels 16
Supported Ethernet standards
10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, 1000Base-Tx
Compatibility with cabling Category 5, 5e i 6 (TIA)
Input connector (unprotected side) LSA connector
Output connector (protected side) RJ-45 socket certified for 6 category
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-ground ) Iimp 2kA
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 3.3V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 3.5V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-line) Iimp 75A (2kA after MOSFET reaction)
Protected lines
1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8
Capacitnance (line-line) @1MHz 5pF
Capacitnance (line-ground) @1MHz 2-3pF
Decoupling Super fast MOSFET fuse
Serial resistance
6Ω / line
Rated Current IN 300mA / line
PoE Line
Rated Voltage DC (line-line) UN 57V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-line) UC 64V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-line) UP 75V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-line) Iimp 73A (2kA after MOSFET reaction)
Rated Voltage DC (line-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum Voltage (line-ground) UC 110V DC
Protection Level 1kV/μs (line-ground) UP 600V
Surge Current (8/20µS, line-ground ) Iimp 2kA
Protected pairs
(1+2)-(3+6), (4+5)-(7+8)
Supported PoE standards
Compatible with all types including Hi PoE
Common features
Dimensions 480 x 41 x 130 (mm)
Application Indoors
Mounting 19" Rack cabinet
Grounding method Earthing conductor
Operating temperature -30ºC~60ºC