Junction box BOX2, waterproof IP66

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  • Code: BOX-2
  • Manufacturer's code: 5904041750656
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Puszka połączeniowa, puszka , wodoszczelna , pyłoszczelna , ewimar , zabezpieczenia , cctv

BOX-2, box with IP66 tightness level

Waterproof, dustproof with hermetically sealable lid.
The flap is mounted on the quick-detachable hooks and fixed on fishing line in addition, in order to facilitate the installation.

Box1 box is perfect for hiding a camera connectors, transformers UTP, galvanic separators, surge suppressors single.

Inside the box are also 12V power supplies in popular sizes.

Spacing of the mounting holes is adapted to handle pole U-box1, together creating an complete solution for CCTV pole.

[151 x 117 x 67] mm