Galvanic separator, surge protector, UTP balun to AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HST-1F-EXT

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HST-1F-EXT, galvanic separator with UTP balun, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, surge protection for HD-CCTV
HST-1F-EXT is a 1-channel galvanic separator, integrated with high-end surge protection and UTP video balun. It is dedicated to the HD CCTV solutions using AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI (Turbo HD) signals.

It provides the maximum level of protective efficacy due to 800VDC galvanic isolation and 2X10kA surge protectors , containing a unique solution in the form of MOSFET fuse. It protects against surges, lightning, and ground loop potentials. It is recommended in HD-CCTV installations, localized in industrial environments such as metal buildings, metal poles, masts, etc. Also different points of power sources and where potentials appear between the grounding points. Such working environments bring unfavorable working conditions to input/output circuits, generating a visible image noise and even damage.

MOSFET fuse increases the effectiveness of surge protection and protects the separator transformer from damage due to the flow of large surge currents.

High quality UTP balun (UTP converter) allows transmission of HD composite signals via one pair of UTP twisted par. The UTP balun is 2-way transmission device and can be used at camera side or at DVR side
Wide bandwidth signal have been preserved thanks to a very low capacity components, allowing you to transmiting videos at resolutions up to 1080p.
The device uses branded BNC connectors, thus ensuring high quality and durability of the connection, even in adverse temperature conditions.

HST-1F-EXT can be used in 1-channel applications combined with  HDT series protections and multi-channel combined with a FKT-HD and LHD series of panels . The device transmits signals in both directions and can be used on both sides (cameras or DVR). With long cables, however, it is recommended to use the separator on the side of the recorder

galvanic separator Turbo-HD
Example of using with TR-1F-HD UTP balun

galvanic separator HD-TVI
Example of using with HDT-1F-PRO

Technical specification:
Input impedance (Line) 110 Ohm
Output impedance (Device) 75 Ohm
Input connector (Line) Srew terminal, removable
Output connector (Device) BNC male connector with cable 
Bandwidth 42MHz
Attenuation 0,6dB
Galvanic isolation 800V DC
Surge potection
Gas ube, transcient diode, MOSFET resetable fuse
Protection line-ground
90V, 2x10kA @ 8/20uS
Protection line-line
6V, 15A @ 8/20uS
Maximum capacitnance
Temperature of work
-40˚C do +60˚C
Dimensions 82mm x 24mm x 31mm (without BNC cable)