Double CCTV surge protection with UTP Balun, SUG-6A

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Surge protector, overvoltage protection, Video signal, power line protector 12V DC,  twisted pair transformer, passive Video balun, SUG-6A, SUG6A, SUG-6A, DUG6-A, sug6, sug-6
SUG-6A is bidirectional surge protection designed to protect CCTV installation from lightnings, electrostatic voltage and vandalism.

It high quality Video transformer with high performance of 3 stage of surge protection and additionally protection circuit for 12V power supply.

Main features:

  • Convenient BNC connection
  • DC power plug disconnected, increasing the flexibility of connecting
  • High-frequency filter
  • Low attenuation for system
  • Surge protection from emergence of high-voltage DC
  • Surge protection form increase of supply voltage.
  • Protection from short circuit on output and wrong connection for power supply

Technical specification:
Video line
Maximum protection 4kV
Impulse discharge current Up to 10kA
Stages of surge protection 3
Capacity protection circuit Not more than 50pF
Fuse-off for Video line 50mA
Power line
Fuse-off for power supply 1A
Maximum protection 4kV
Stages of surge protection 3
Maximum voltage 14,4V DC
Dimensions 63 x 42,5 x 22,3 (mm)
Working temperature -40~+60°C