a Reader of access control, M1, integrated with controller, Caro-M1
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Readers of access control Caro Access of M1 series is device designed to protect selected rooms or / and areas from unauthorized access. It is completely independent system, which has controller with memory of cards or key fobs, suitable supervisors input and output to control lath or electromagnetic lock, and signaling as buzzer and LEDs.
The reader works with identifier of UNIQUE 125 kHz type. It is possible to register maximum 142 cards or key fobs. All function are programmable by using MASTER cards, which can by register maximum 3 pc Device has many function, which are generally available in extended systems of access control. Devices can work as a simple and a self-protection input from outside, but too as a 2-sided control system and by connecting a additional extension board obtains the increased safety.

Main features of M1 access control:
  • Available  4 configuration modes in simplified or complex system
  • Support of output buttons and bell (in conjunction with extension board)
  • Alarm of too long door open
  • Alarm of door opening (balanced) without using identifier
  • Tamper protection of peeling from wall
  • Regulation a time of lath activation
  • Regulation a time of acceptable door opening
  • Function of permanent door opening
  • Defining polarity of lath output
  • Automatic output from programming in 10 seconds after last action
  • Function of add and remove cards from reader, allows to manage user access

Despite a large amount of available functions, programming of system by using cards is extremely easy.

Configuration 1 – Reader works as a stand-alone, to 1-sided protection


On this solution, reader protect door from input sides. All supervising inputs and control outputs, are located outside of the room. Configuration is not recommended for objects with high level of threat.

Configuration 2 – Reader works with extension board, for 1-sided protect

Access control
1-sided version having a fairly high level of security, due to placement of control board inside the room. This solution reduces attempt to burglary through manipulation of devices. Additional it is acquired a function of loud alarm for a sabotage and a buzzer.

Configuration 3 – 2 readers connected to the bus - 2-sided transition

2-way access control

System protects doors both from the inside and from the outside. Ideal solutions to protect transition between 2 departments of inside the company. Reader of inside(Master) store in its memory the IDs and controls all function.
Outside reader (Slave) is only used to read cards. Device are connected together by a Data / Clock bus.

Configuration 4 – 2 readers and extension board - 2-sided transition

2-way control

This configuration is most extensive and most safe for protected object. Master reader is inside of room, while all function of control – executive have a module located in a discreet location.
Doors are protected both from the inside and from the outside.