CCTV surge protection, with UTP balun, SUG-4BF

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SUG-4BF is device designed to transmission Video signal using 5 category twisted pair to 400 m. It changes inpedence from coaxial cable to twisted pair and enables to transmission of signal in both directions.
The device has high quality of surge protection designed to protect CCTV installation from lightnings, electrostatic voltage and vandalism. Electric chargé flowing by the cable is received an transmited to ground by 3 consecutive stages which cause that devices are safe.
Middle clamp of twisted pair is designed to discharge charge to the ground.

Technical Specifications:
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP twisted pair 100 Ohm
Max cable length 400m for color video signal, 600m for black-white video signal
Frequency range 8 MHz
Attenuation 0,5dB
Stages of surge protection PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Capacity protection circuit No more than 30pF
Discharge current 10kA gas tube,  57A transient
Discharge voltage 75V gas tube, 8.2 V transient