BNC Rack panel, CCTV, surge protector, LKT-16 FPS

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16 channels rack panel. BNC, cctv, protection
LKT-16-FPS is freestanding device designed to changing impedance from coaxial cable to UTP twisted pair. The composite Video signal is transmitted through UTP twisted pair at the distance 400m (color images) and 600m (black-white images) to 16 channels. The distance is obtaining by compatible transformers on two sides of twisted pair. The signal is transmitted in any directions, therefore can be installed on sides of sending and receiving.
LKT-16-FPS is bidirectional device, so it is possible to use it sides of sending and receiving. A built-in 3-stage surge protection is designed to protect DVR’s and cameras from lightnings, electrostatic overvoltage and vandalism.  All transformator circuits have the filter boosting high-frequencies with disconnect function, correcting  video in long distances, however it needs to be disconnect in short distances to eliminate effect of pulsing.
Panel channel have ground loop separation between individual channels which allows to use ground loop and optical separators. Special holes for band clips enables secure attachment the coaxial cables and UTP cables. It protects them from pulling. Special profiled holes in structures are perfect to mount in the wall.

Main features:
  • 16 powers outputs with polymer fuses 500mA, 750mA or 1A
  • Optical signaling of power each channel
  • Sound signaling of short circuit
  • Protection for growth of power to 14.4 V and reverse polarity
  • Surge protection of power line


Technical Specifications:
Impedance for coaxial cable 75 Ohm
Impedance for UTP twisted pair 100 Ohm
Max cable length 400m for color video signal, 600m for black-white video signal
Frequency range 8 MHz
Attenuation 0,5dB
Stages of surge protection PCB electrodes, gas tube, transient diode
Capacity protection circuit No more than 30pF
Discharge current 10kA gas tube,  57A transient
Discharge voltage 75V gas tube, 8.2 V transient
Dimensions LKT-8
245 x 47 x 117mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions LKT-16 445 x 47 x 117mm (WxHxD)