What is the difference between the Ewimar’s series of LAN protectors?


In order to take into account the different levels of risk, we have developed 3 groups of protective devices with different efficiencies. This allows for flexible and individual selection of products for individual points of installation, while maintaining the same dimensions and appearance.

We present the differences between the ECONOMICAL and PROFESSIONAL series and EXTREME and their recommended use:


ECONOMICAL is a set of economical solutions aimed at protecting devices installed only inside the building (with the exception of industrial facilities). It provides effective protection against sudden voltage increase on individual pairs of the UTP the source of which is a strong electromagnetic field pulse accompanying discharges. It also protects against electrostatic surges and the effects of electronic stun guns.


PROFESSIONAL are solutions with increased protective effectiveness and discharge of high-value loads directly to the ground. Built-in 2 stages with a decoupling delay line in the form of increased power resistors, allow to eliminate electrostatic overvoltages and direct flows of large surge currents. PRO series is a basic protection for devices mounted outside buildings, such as industrial IP cameras or wireless transmitters. Carefully designed circuits and low-capacity components have little effect on the transmitted signal.


EXTREME are solutions that use the latest technology in the field of surge protection. In addition to the typical components used in the PRO series, they have an additional degree of protection in the form of super-fast MOSFET fuses with automatic reset. This innovative solution protects against sudden current pulses that arise during discharges and potential differences. The MOSFET fuse automatically detects the overcurrent and cuts off the circuit from overvoltage source (time=1 uS). After the overvoltage is suppressed by the protective elements, the connection is immediately restored. The EXT series is recommended for end devices, particularly exposed to discharges, for example: IP industrial cameras, radio bridges, mounted on masts and roofs of buildings and in industrial facilities. Ultra-low circuit capacitance (approx. 3pF) hardly affects very high frequency signals.

In order to select the appropriate solution, we offer consultations with our technical department.


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