We protect electronics - now also the one in the pocket...


Ladies and Gentlemen, we know how important data security is nowadays. The use of protection measures allows you to largely protect the installation against the effects of such threats as: overvoltage, lightning or attempts to deliberately sabotage the operation of security systems.

For the safety of our customers, we have enriched our bonus system with an anti-theft protective case for credit cards. In accordance with the motto of our company - We protect electronics! Now also the one in your pockets. The protective case is a shielded cover for a payment card and new biometric ID cards that protect against unauthorized reading of data. The protection applies to reading and copying saved data on cards, in such technologies as: Unique, Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, HID iCLASS, UHF (long range).

In our bonus system, you will receive this gadget for each order with a protective patch panel in a Rack housing.


We cordially encourage you to take advantage of the promotion!