Surge protectors for burglary alarm systems


     We invite you to familiarize yourself with the overvoltage protection products of Burglary Alarm Systems. During the design process, we took into account the specificity of the alarm panels operation, the diversity of their design and signal configuration. We have created universal and effective solutions to protect against the effects of lightning and overvoltages. They provide protection for the circuits of alarm zones circuits, power, communication buses and siren circuits. The use of MOSFET technology has resulted in the creation of products with high protective effectiveness and compatibility with almost all alarm systems available on the market.


Surge protectors for burglary alarm systemsThe products are available as multi-channel modules or stand-alone surge protectors. They are mounted near the main elements of the alarm system. Our surge protection system can be flexibly adapted depending on the size of the alarm system, configuration as well as the number and type of equipment.

Multi-channel modules are mounted in a dedicated housing with convenient access to connections and tamper protection. Its construction allows to limit assembly activities, facilitate the connection of the grounding and organize the alarm cables. The housing can be mounted normally or upside down (180 degrees), thus there are different configurations for mounting protection modules and access to connection terminals.


In addition to multi-channel protection modules, stand-alone surge protectors installed the detectors side are also available - in miniature and DIN rail mounted housings.

Our offer will be regularly expanded with new products, depending on the market demand and customer inquiries.