Surge protector for external CCTV camera

The Ewimar company has launched the production of a BOX HD-1-EXT. This is complete surge protector for external CCTV camera using AHD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI technology (Turbo HD). It is a multifunctional device with universal application, protects the Video line and power supply line against the effects of surge currents and overvoltages, it also has a built-in passive video balun for the UTP cable.

High-quality housing with special rubber bushings allow to placing inside and protect all connectors, joysticks and excess cables from the CCTV cameras. The BOX can be mounted together with the CCTVcamera on a U-BOX pole bracket.


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Surge arrester for externa CCTV cameraBox-1-HDsurge arrester to hd-cctv camera