RS-485 devices


RS-485 separators are devices that eliminate transmission disturbances in industrial installations, resulting from the potential difference. The presented solutions additionally have surge protection at the level of 600W. We invite you to read our post. ;)

EW-485/1/1/So is dedicated to installations where transmission always takes place in one direction. It is used in CCTV systems and executive devices of industrial automation. Optical separation with a maximum insulation of 1kV and overvoltage protection with a power of 600W is sufficient to protect the bus devices against induction of voltage pulses and jumps in the potential difference.

EW-485/1/2/So is characterized by full transmission of data packets in both directions (half duplex), within the transmission speed range from 300 baud to 500 kilo baud. When it finishes transmitting, it releases the transmission line very quickly, which is important for efficient setups. It is used in alarm systems, access control, CCTV, industrial automation and many other applications where two-way transmission is required. It can also be used in Modbus RTU networks.

EW-485/4/1/So is a unidirectional amplifier and splitter of telemetry signals, using the RS-485 bus. Packets going to the input are regenerated and, in the same form, sent to 4 separate outputs, which ensures a 4-fold increase in the length of the entire bus.

EW-485/4/2/So is a two-way amplifier and splitter of telemetry signals, using the RS-485 bus. The distributor is perfect for CCTV, access control and industrial automation systems to obtain a star topology, where damage (short circuit) in one of the branches does not block transmission in other branches. Each output has a switchable 120Ohm terminating resistor.