Protection of LAN / IP-CCTV


Ewimar's offer includes many overvoltage protections - solutions aimed at protecting individual elements of LAN / IP-CCTV systems. They protect against the effects of overvoltages resulting from lightning discharges or attempts to deliberately sabotage the system operation.

The available assortment ( includes devices, both in single and multi-channel versions. It allow you to choose solutions for simple and complex installations. In order to choose the best solution, we recommend contacting our technical department: +48 22 691 90 65,

It is worth remembering that the lack of overvoltage protections in the CCTV system may cause permanent damage to individual devices (cameras, recorders), therefore we recommend using surge arresters on both sides of the detection line to protect both
the camera and the recorder.

The offer includes protection measures of varying degrees of effectiveness, which allows
for flexible selection of our products for individual installation points: