Changes in the MICRO series LAN surge protectors


The Micro series products have been redesigned totally, including electronic circuit, enclosure and LAN cable. Compared to the previous version, the quality of these products has been improved in all respects - both electronic and mechanical.
It should be noted that the new housing has slightly different dimensions, which should be taken into account when choosing the camera deep bases or the housings in which they will be placed. Current dimensions are: 56 x 31 x 27.5 (mm) - housing only.


The reconstruction of the Micro series also resulted in the creation of a new product: PTF-51-ENG/Poe/Micro. It is an effective solution for cameras installed indoors where there are difficulties in connecting the earth wire.
The use of MOSFET technology has allowed high efficiency to be achieved without grounding the surge protector placed at the CCTV camera side.

The condition of correct operation of the surge protector in the ENG version is the use of the surge protector in the PRO or EXT version on the LAN switch side - its grounding is necessary.


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